Easy Ways to Make Delicious Salted Eggs

You must be familiar with food called salted eggs? This food is in the form of an egg which is usually a duck egg preserved in such a way without worrying about becoming stale.

In March 2022, Rekat Peduli Indonesia Foundation held training activities on making Salted Eggs in three major cities in East Java, namely Gresik, Sidoarjo and Surabaya. This activity involved 15 participants from TB survivors and families affected by TB from each city.

This salted egg is delicious and suitable to be served with a variety of other dishes. You don’t need to be confused about what to serve salted eggs with. Besides being a complement to the dish, you can also eat salted eggs as a healthy snack.

In addition to its tempting taste, salted eggs also contain many complete nutrients and mineral content as well as calcium which is good and useful for the health of the body, especially for children who are in the process of growth. Before salted eggs already contain nutrients, and by preserving them, the nutrients in salted eggs will increase up to 2 times.

The process of making salted eggs is often used as a practicum at school because it is known for its easy manufacturing process. Let’s see the following review, who knows you can practice it yourself at home or can even make it a new business!

How to Make Salted Eggs with Red Bricks Media


  • 1 bucket
  • 1 sandpaper/dishwashing wire
  • 200 grams of salt
  • 6 duck eggs
  • 4 bricks (crushed until completely soft)
  • 1 liter of water


  1. Soak the egg in water for 2 minutes. If any eggs float, discard them, as they are not good.
  2. Then clean the egg thoroughly.
  3. Be careful when cleaning them so that the shells do not break or crack.
  4. Gently scrub each egg clean of dirt using sandpaper. After that, dry the eggs and set them aside.
  5. Combine the crushed bricks with water. After that stir well, do not dilute, make a paste-like mixture. After that stir well, don’t forget to add salt and stir again until mixed. The salt mixture is 2 (bricks): 1 (salt)
  6. Smear the eggs with bricks that have been mixed with salt approximately 3 cm thick or until the eggs are evenly covered.
  7. Put the smeared eggs one by one into the storage bucket/box.
  8. Sprinkle the eggs that have been smeared with soil with bricks that have been crushed sufficiently, let stand for 14 days
  9. After all the processes are complete, boil the eggs over low heat for 1 hour (for 6-50 eggs).
  10. Can also be steamed in 1 hour (for 6-50 eggs).
  11. Salted eggs are ready to be served.

How to make salted eggs using bricks can be replaced by using rubbing ash. Only need to replace bricks with rubbing ash. The way to make it is the same.

It’s very easy to make. Salted eggs can be a long-lasting food ingredient. Are you interested in trying to make it?

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